Step 2: Tunog at Titik
August 20, 2020

Step 1: Kilos at Kanta


Effective reading instruction begins with developing strong listening skills. Practice listening and saying the 28 Filipino alphabet sounds through the Awit ng Alpabasa action song.


To begin this wonderful journey into reading, bring your wiggles out and start singing with your students! Our first step begins with our whole body and our singing mouths as we learn the actions and sounds of each letter through the Awit ng Alpabasa.

Now that we are slowly discovering the different sounds, your students will start using their listening ears and speaking mouths. Let’s listen closely and practice saying the sounds properly with the help the the Tamang Tunog Kard!

We can hear the sounds. We can say the sounds. Can we find the sounds around us? Using the Bokabularyo Kard, students will begin to break down the words around them into syllables and sounds. Count how many syllables there are in a word and how many sounds are in each syllable. Students are also encouraged to listen to sounds in everyday objects and find out where the sounds are hiding in the word.

In this set, students learn to play with sounds. What’s Missing, Pick and Match, Memory game, Find my Initial sound, What’s the Word and many more games can be played by the students both as a whole class or in small groups. More importantly, students are starting to blend sounds to form words without even learning the print form. How wonderful is that?