ALPABASA is a play-based reading program, systematically designed to make reading and writing in Filipino fun and easy for children. Through action songs and movement-based activities, children are motivated to play with the Filipino language and discover its richness–and it doesn’t stop there! The Alpabasa Program ensures that children strengthen what they have previously learned through fluency-based exercises, geared toward the success of each child.


ORAS NA PARA SA ALPABASA is an online Filipino reading program with a total of 140 episodes, which are unlocked one week at a time. The program follows the Alpabasa letter sequence as it introduces a new letter sound weekly while building on previously learned skills.


Each day focuses on a targeted skill:

On red days, the letter of the week is introduced. (Araw ng Pagpapakilala ng Tunog)

On orange days, we read a short story and explore words that begin with the letter sound. (Araw ng Mailking Kuwento)

On green days, we learn the strokes and practice writing the capital and small letters. (Araw ng Pagsulat)

On blue days, we do blending exercises and work with syllables. (Araw ng Pagpapantig)

On purple days, we spell out words through segmenting exercises and read the story of the week. (Araw ng Sari-Saring Titik)

With the Pro Subscription Plan, you have access to the complete set of stand-alone video clips of the Alpabasa Program. These include action songs, short stories, and other fun videos that will help introduce the Filipino language and alphabet to your child. You can integrate these stand-alone videos to your own educational program or curriculum plan. In addition, your child will enjoy our ORAS NA PARA SA ALPABASA weekly videos. The program follows the Alpabasa letter sequence as it introduces a new letter sound every 7 days while building on previously learned skills.


Interested in learning to read in Filipino and English? The Premium Subscription Plan might be perfect for you. You get access to the entire collection of Filipino videos as well as the English videos. The LEARNING LION ALPHABET SERIES is an English reading program that follows a similar letter sequence and works parallel to Alpabasa.

Kindly create an account and choose a subscription option. Once your account is activated, you will be able to access the videos on your preferred device. Please take note that we do not allow multiple devices to access one account simultaneously.

You may check out our individual subscription options here. If you are interested in a group subscription package (minimum of 50 user accounts), kindly email us at kumusta@alpabasa.com to request for a quotation.

No, each account is meant for a single user. Thank you for respecting our terms of use.

No, the videos are not available for download. Registered users are welcome to log into their accounts and watch the videos on the website as often as they want. We charge a minimal monthly subscription fee to fund this project and help support our advocacy.

No, we do not offer any live sessions. All videos will be available to watch and re-watch to help your child gain fluency. The videos can be used to supplement online classes, tutorials, or homeschooling.

Set aside time to watch the videos together. Make it part of your daily routine. Encourage your child to participate by answering the questions, reading aloud, and singing along.

Another great way to reinforce the learning is through hands-on practice. The materials presented in the videos are available for purchase in our online shop. We also offer some free printables. Your child can work with his/her own set of materials to make the learning experience more interactive. As a bonus, you can play different reading games using the materials too!

You can integrate the stand-alone videos into your synchronous lessons, or encourage your students to watch the ORAS NA PARA SA ALPABASA episodes during asynchronous learning time. We highly encourage all students and teachers to have their own user accounts.


Useful Tip: The full program follows the Alpabasa letter sequence, while the stand-alone videos can work with any letter sequence.


Feel free to visit our online shop for teaching materials and other useful resources to support your day-to-day lessons, too! We have also curated an essentials kit with materials that the children can use for a more hands-on learning experience.

Kindergarten level would be the best age to begin our online program. In addition, we do recommend it as a remedial for any level.

Yes. Our Learning Lion English videos are included in the premium subscription. The English and Filipino videos and materials follow a similar sequence and work hand-in-hand. We recommend setting aside separate times in your child’s routine for learning Filipino and English.

You can change/cancel your subscription any time for any reason. Click “My Profile” in the menu bar to visit your personal dashboard. Then, select “Subscriptions.” Click the “Cancel” button. Please take note that your payment is non-refundable.

If you wish to change your subscription, cancel your current subscription and register a new subscription.

If you enable payment via Paypal, the monthly fee is automatically deducted from your account. If you opt for bank deposit, you are given a 7-day grace period after your missed payment before your account is unsubscribed. You may re-subscribe any time to continue enjoying the Alpabasa Online videos.

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*Covid-19 update: We are doing everything we can to protect the well-being and safety of our Alpabasa staff. We have taken precautionary measures to ensure the well-being and safety of our staff. As such, you may experience a longer delay in order processing before your package ships out while we navigate this new normal. We truly appreciate your patience and apologize in advance for any extended wait.

Once you’ve placed an order with us, you will receive an email notification. Please check your spam / junk folder and double-check if you entered your email address correctly. If you do not receive an email within 36 hours, please contact us at kumusta@alpabasa.com.

Absolutely. We are here to assist you in any way possible. Please email us at kumusta@alpabasa.com and leave a cellphone number where we can contact you.

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Due to the current circumstances, all shipments will be released from this address: 1252 Amang Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Brgy. Dela Paz, Pasig City.

So sorry to hear that! Please contact us at kumusta@alpabasa.com so we can sort out a refund or send out a new order immediately. Please include the following in your email:
1. A photo of the damaged product
2. Proof of purchase with the date of purchase

Most definitely! Our vision is for every Filipino child to become a reader. That is why we offer Alpabasa Online to public schools at a special rate. We hope for your support as we make the Alpabasa Program more accessible to the Filipino children who need it most.


Let’s talk! Please email us at kumusta@alpabasa.com to find out how you can help.

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