Step 2: Tunog at Titik
August 20, 2020
Step 4: Letrang Karera
August 21, 2020

Step 3: Bibong Bokabularyo


Widen your child’s vocabulary while helping deepen his or her skills through fluency-building games and activities.


Widen your students’ vocabulary while helping deepen their reading skills.
The Bibong Bokabolaryo flashcards are designed for phonemic awareness games and activities. All the students will get a chance to play with sounds as they hear it, identify it and manipulate it. These are coupled with 28 original songs that contextualize each picture and help spark the interest of the child in different themes and topics.

Our third step is about listening and learning the many words around us. With our listening ears and looking eyes we play games to make the world of words come to life. Step 3 is packed with games and fun activities to make learning so enjoyable the children will want to do it over and over again. They don’t even know they are learning how to group similar and dissimilar sounds, blend and segment syllables, blend and segment sounds, detect and manipulate sounds and many more. This step will surely give each student the gift of sound awareness.