Step 4: Letrang Karera
August 21, 2020
Step 6: Sari-Saring Titik
August 21, 2020

Step 5: Pagpapantig


Play with syllables–build them, break them, and switch them around! Appreciate the Filipino language one syllable at a time.


Our fifth step is about syllables. How many sounds are in a syllable? How many syllables are in a word? When children learn to recognize syllables in words, the task of spelling and reading will become easier. In this step, children learn to break down words into parts. Breaking words into syllables will help students read words accurately and fluently.

Here we learn to read as we identify the syllables in a word. One syllable, two syllables or even more … all words have syllables. The students will enjoy clapping, stomping, tapping the number of syllables in each word. Let’s break and build words, syllable by syllable.