Step 5: Pagpapantig
August 21, 2020
Step 7: Salitang Pantulong
August 21, 2020

Step 6: Sari-Saring Titik


Mix and sort the letters, match small and capital print, invent silly-sounding words, or bring out the pictures for some spelling fun! Watch your word list grow as you learn more letters.


Our sixth step, we learn to listen to individual sound in words. Building words has never been so much fun. Letters are grouped in the Alpabasa suggested order and a wordlist is provided to be able to spell hundreds and hundreds of words. Imagine, any word is at your fingertips to discover and spell.

It is definitely not an easy task to break words down into phonemes. A phoneme is learning to hear the smallest unit of sound. However, Alpabasa encourages blending and building words with just two sounds. With just two sounds, m and a, students can already read words like mama and ama as well as nonsensical words. With just two sounds, students are already breading down words into phonemes. With just two sounds, students can already read. Can you imagine what the students can do with six sounds, or ten sounds or 15 sounds? How about all 28 sounds? It is also good to note that from step 1, the students have been blending sounds and playing with sounds even without the print form thus blending and building words with print becomes easier.