Step 6: Sari-Saring Titik
August 21, 2020
Step 8: Mga Kuwento ng Alpabasa
August 21, 2020

Step 7: Salitang Pantulong


Let’s get ready to read a story! Know the sight words and high frequency words that you will meet along the way.


On our seventh step, we will play a memory game with our looking eyes, listening ears, and speaking mouths. We will meet and greet our favorite Filipino sight words. Let’s see how fast we can name them all!

All the sight words are not just sight words out of the blue, each sight word appears in the stories of Step 8. As the students memorize these sight words plus the decodable words, in no time they will be reading phrases and sentences. As the students learn more sounds, eventually most non-decodable sight words will become decodable. In addition, in this step they will learn to play with sounds to build new sight words. Reading becomes so much easier with these helping words.