Step 7: Salitang Pantulong
August 21, 2020
August 30, 2020

Step 8: Mga Kuwento ng Alpabasa


Grab a book. Ready, get set, read!


“I CAN READ!” Imagine with just two letters the children can read BOOK 1: Mama. With three sounds, they can read BOOK 2: Mata and with just four sounds, they can read BOOK 3: MaitimnaMamἁ. By the end of the program, the children would have read 19 books independently and will be well on their way to reading any book given to them for their grade level. It will be an exciting journey to see all the students reading with prosody, accuracy and speed. Leave the books out for the children to read independently. Let’s develop their love for reading with Alpabasa Program.