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November 7, 2020
Gabay sa Pagsulat (Big Boards)
November 7, 2020

Letrang Kalsada Kit


Explore letter forms and writing strokes by driving a toy car along the Letrang Kalsada road letters!

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What a great way for visual and kinesthetic learners to develop letter recognition! Introduce children to writing strokes. Invite them to drive the toy car along the lines and curves that make up each letter. Have fun arranging the road letters to make your own city, or even to build words! Then, practice anchoring the letters on the giant blue-red-blue sheet to visualize where the strokes start and stop on lined paper.

The Letrang Kalsada Kit works well with other materials from the same set of STEP 4: LETRANG KARERA, such as the Gabay sa Pagsulat (Big Boards) and the Sulat sa Kalsada Kit.

29 pcs. Malaking Letrang Kalsada
28 pcs. Maliit na Letrang Kalsada
2 pcs. Big Blue-Red-Blue Sheets (17″ x 12″)
1 toy car
1 storage bag

Note: To represent the Filipino alphabet sound /ng/, Malaking Letrang Kalsada road letters have additional capital letters “N” and “G” (2 separate pieces), totaling 29 pieces.  On the other hand, small letters “ng” were combined into 1 piece for the Maliit na Letrang Kalsada road letters, totaling 28 pieces.

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