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November 7, 2020
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November 9, 2020

Sulat sa Kalsada Kit


Train muscle memory with pre-writing activities. Learn to anchor letters on blue-red-blue lines using the stroke script and stroke cards. Build confidence in writing through guided and independent writing activities using the Sundin-Gayahin-Kopyahin card and rewritable penmanship cards.

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Practice pre-writing activities with Ekis sa Kalsada and Sulat sa Kalsada sheets. Develop eye-hand coordination, directionality, and motor skills.

Refer to the Tamang Pagsulat stroke cards to see how each of the small letters fits in with the Sulat sa Kalsada motions. Anchoring the letters on blue-red-blue lines, children can further practice writing capital and small letters.

Use the Sundin-Gayahin-Kopyahin Writing Card in guided writing activities. Demonstrate how to write the letter in the first panel. Guide the child in writing the letter in the second panel. Then, allow the child to write independently in the last panel.

The Sulat sa Kalsada Kit is also included in STEP 4: LETRANG KARERA and works well with other materials from the same set.

1 pc. Ekis sa Kalsada (17″ x 12″)
1 pc. Sulat sa Kalsada (17″ x 12″)
28 pcs. Tamang Pagsulat stroke cards (8″ x 9″)
56 pcs. Penmanship Cards (4.6″ x 3.5″)
1 pc. Sundin-Gayahin-Kopyahin Writing Card
1 storage bag

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